Oceans in Danger

Set to release in September 2024, Oceans in Danger is Alicia's third book. 

Description: Did you know that Earth's five major oceans are all part of one giant global ocean? This biome is also home to the smallest animals on the planet - and the largest! Get ready to investigate Earth's mysterious ocean ecosystems, as well as the plants and animals that have adapted to survive in them. You'll also learn about the many threats facing this fascinating biome - and what each of us can do to help - all in the pages of Oceans in Danger.

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Circulatory System

Released February 2024, Your Amazing Body: Circulatory System is Alicia's second book.

Description: The blood that flows through your body constantly brings food and oxygen to your muscles, organs, and bones and carries away waste. And it is all powered by that magnificent muscle, your heart. Did you know that your heart beats about 100,000 times a day? Or that the blood in your body travels a total of 12,000 miles daily? That's more than four times the width of the United States from coast to coast! Learn all this and more in Circulatory System

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What is Money?

Released in September 2023, What is Money? is Alicia's first book.

Description: Understanding how society progressed from the barter system to currency — and how that money works in the global economy — are just two critical financial literacy skills that all kids should have. Did you know that the first paper currency appeared more than 1,200 years ago? Or that the currency of the future will likely be digital? Learn all this and more in What Is Money? — a book that starts kids on the road to financial literacy.

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